Corporate communication at it’s finest

15 02 2007

The following is an actual email exchange between myself and a business associate. I love my job.

Darel Parker wrote:

The difference between free shipping and not free shipping on my current order is about $5. See if you can find something on their website that should cost around $10 that we’ll end up using later anyway.

WEEEEEeeeee!!!!! I’m a pony!!!

From: Carlos Del Carpio
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 11:19 AM

that’s got to be the most boring site EVER… i dunno, get me some BNC connectors, crimp style, rg-59 type?

Darel Parker wrote:

2pc., 3pc., PVC, or plenum?

From: Carlos Del Carpio
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 11:33 AM

if the 3 piece is connector, tip, and sleeve, yeah. look at the attached pic…

Darel Parker wrote:

+2 magic or non magic?

From: Carlos Del Carpio
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 11:49 AM

+3 savings throw vs. missle weapons, and +2 against bladed fairies.

Darel Parker wrote:

Done! Also had them anodized in pink and engraved with little red hearts.


Its all about the bike

11 09 2006

I can still remember the tint of blue, the orange flag, and the banana seat of my first bicycle. A boy’s Free Spirit from Sears. It was 1977 and almost everything we owned was from Sears.

I can’t remember why my dad bought me that bike. Christmas had passed and my birthday was still months away. But I can still remember the feeling of independence, of freedom as I cruised through the trailer park in Mission, Texas that for a short while we called home. Read the rest of this entry »

Strawberry Shortcake Hates Pirates

16 06 2006

An open letter to the MPAA and the DVD industry.

My kids love Strawberry Shortcake. They have every single Strawberry Shortcake DVD released so far. The animation is decent enough, the kids find the stories entertaining, and for about ten bucks, I’ve always felt like I’ve gotten my money’s worth when I bought one.

As with many other DVDs, the Strawberry Shortcake series starts with the requisite previews and commercials before the root menu appears. It’s annoying, but I’ve gotten used to it since my kids usually want to watch the previews anyway.

But, when I brought home the most recent release, I was fucking furious a little surprised that the first thing on the screen was a flashy PSA denouncing video piracy and comparing it to stealing DVDs. WTF? Read the rest of this entry »

Holy Spirit Pre-K Graduation Photos

18 05 2006

The photos from Holy Spirit’s Pre-K graduation and party are now online. For your convenience, you can add your favorite photos to your cart and download them as a zip file.

You will need a password to access the photos (hint: password is Ms. Jessica’s classroom number).
Click for photos

Shady DNS Redirection Revisited

20 04 2006

This article has been moved here

More video stuff

27 01 2006

Eyore’s Birthday in Austin, TX.  I believe this was shot in 1999 on a Hi-8 camera, hence the “quality”.

I broke Falbum

21 01 2006

Please ignore the weird format thingy that happens when you click on the pictures.  I’m still tweaking the Falbum plugin and apparently it hates me.