Strawberry Shortcake Hates Pirates

16 06 2006

An open letter to the MPAA and the DVD industry.

My kids love Strawberry Shortcake. They have every single Strawberry Shortcake DVD released so far. The animation is decent enough, the kids find the stories entertaining, and for about ten bucks, I’ve always felt like I’ve gotten my money’s worth when I bought one.

As with many other DVDs, the Strawberry Shortcake series starts with the requisite previews and commercials before the root menu appears. It’s annoying, but I’ve gotten used to it since my kids usually want to watch the previews anyway.

But, when I brought home the most recent release, I was fucking furious a little surprised that the first thing on the screen was a flashy PSA denouncing video piracy and comparing it to stealing DVDs. WTF?

To begin with, how dare you force your propoganda on my kids under the guise of a children’s video? It is neither your right nor your responsibility to educate my child according to your agenda. I don’t give a damn if your point of view is right or wrong. You are way out of line when you try to sneak this stuff into my home without my consent.

Second, why the hell are you telling me? I just paid money for your damn DVD and now I have to listen to you bitch about piracy, which I’m already not commiting since I obviously paid for this video. Putting this kind of crap on what is essentially MY PROPERTY makes me less likely to buy your products in the future, and more likely to not give a damn when somebody causes you to lose money.

Third, what is the entertainment industry thinking putting this kind of content on a video aimed at elementary school girls? Does the 5-12 year old schoolgirl demographic really represent a legitimate piracy threat? You are making a joke out of yourselves since kids are laughing at the stupidity of this PSA, and in truth you are encouraing piracy since kids are going “steal” movies and music just to spite you. Way to go geniuses.

In closing, you are idiots and you’re bringing it on yourselves.

Hugs and kisses,
Darel Parker
Concerned father, DVD consumer




4 responses

17 06 2006

The worst part is you can’t even skip the damn thing. You pay your money for the DVD and all they can do is bitch at you. And for what, Strawberry Shortcake?

The truth is though, that they have a right to put whatever they want on the DVD because they produced it, and you purchased what they sold. However, once it’s yours, Fair Use says you can do whatever the fuck you want with it (except distribute it, obviously). So do what I do and rip the dvd and strip out the security so you can watch your movie in peace.


22 07 2006
Mr. Food


” In the absence of repect, fear is just as effective”


25 07 2006

Is that you Robin?

6 10 2006

So, why not tell them you’ve hacked the DVD and make a copy without the ghey announcements? =)

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