Google is being Evil. (maybe Roadrunner too)

17 01 2006

A funny thing happened when I moved to my new colocation server. Well, not so much funny as disturbing and deceptive.

After changing the registered name servers for my domain, my browser began displaying a banner infested pseudo-search engine at an IP address I’ve never heard of.

And it looks like spyware isn’t the cause.

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Audio plugin demo

16 01 2006

Where are the pictures?

16 01 2006

SamanthaGood question. For the time being, I’m setting up a photo album on Flickr but I might move my pics to a new Coppermine installation.

Are you confused? Ok, forget it. Just click here: Photos

New Format. Same Crappy Content.

16 01 2006

So…  You’ve found my website.

Now what?